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Sparking Your Genius, like everyone, has needed to rise to the challenge of the times.

We are switching to online learning for our 2020 summer sessions.

  • We will continue to do our best to provide high quality care and meet the needs of our students and families.
  • Our Services page provides more in-depth information. The bottom line is that we will have no more than 3 students per clinic and have adjusted the daily length of each to make sure that we can be of maximum help while trying to minimize overall screen time.

Otherwise, our philosophy and practice remain unchanged. 

  • We provide intensive individualized training in reading, writing, math, oral language, mindfulness and executive functioning for kids with learning and attention challenges entering 5th through 12th grades—away from the distractions and pressures of the school year.
  • Unlike many other programs, we do not break up skills into separate areas; rather, we integrate them to enhance academic fluency as required in the real school environment of middle school and high school.
  • Each of the two-week clinics will have a student-to-instructor ratio of no more than 3:1 and enrollment capped at 3.
  • By focusing our students on how and why they learn—and not just on what—the supportive, focused intervention of our clinic can help them fill in past gaps and get a jumpstart on preparing for the fall term. 
  • They also gain invaluable insight into how honestly embracing their learning challenges can keep them from being disabled at school and in life, allowing them to build authentic confidence in their unique talents and intelligence.

What they will take away is the core principle of what we do—creating a place
where being different can make all the difference!


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